What services do we provide?
Our team of licensed customs brokers and transportation experts can carry out all of your importing and exporting needs 24 hours a day-seven days a week.

Our services include:
•Customs Brokerage
•International freight forwarding
•Non-resident importer services
•Customs Compliance advisory services
•Vessel Support Services
•Procurement Services

Customs Brokerage Overview
With today’s strict regulatory environment your supply chain faces increasing customs compliance challenges and security issues. Tightened reporting deadlines and increased penalties require a professional customs broker to handle your customs needs. The Guyana Revenue Authority is spending much more time and resources on compliance issues. Our goal is to ensure that your customs requirements are handled promptly, efficiently and economically.

Our Customs Brokerage Services
•Electronic filing, billing and record keeping
•Post Audit compliance services
•Online visibility to your customs clearance information

Supported by a team of licensed Customs Brokers, we work diligently to accurately classify your products. Our dedicated account management team understands your unique business needs and will keep you up-to-date on the ever-changing import and export regulations.

How you’ll benefit
As an integrated Guyanese Customs Broker we provide you with a seamless, efficient and reliable border crossing. You’ll save time, save money, and have tighter control over your shipments.

Here’s how:
•Minimized delays
•Reduced customs paperwork
•Increased customs compliance levels
•Access real-time shipment clearance status

Customs Compliance Advisory Services Overview
Minimize your exposure by having us look at your compliance processes before Customs does. We will conduct a proactive customs compliance review and help you address deficiencies and suggest corrections to your importing program. By doing this you will make certain that your import and export activities address the strict policies demanded by the regulatory agencies.

Prevent Costly Penalties
We are leaders in managing internal customs compliance programs. Our experts will review your import and export activity, identifying any errors and/or omissions. Once complete, we will create a tailor made process to ensure your levels of compliance

Our Advisory Services
•Customs Compliance review
•Tariff Classification
•Duty and Drawback Recovery Services
•Trade Agreements/Certificate of Origin
•Non-resident Importer Solutions
•Tax Compliance/Registration Services
•Binding Rulings

International Freight Forwarding Overview
As an integrated customs broker and freight forwarder we provide a seamless import and export solution. We truly simplify your international shipping.

Our international freight forwarding services include:
•Air freight
•Ocean freight
•Assistance with obtaining consular and financial documents
•Cargo insurance
•Bonded Warehousing
•Cross Docking Services

Non-Resident Importer Service
A non-resident importer (an “NRI”) is a company located outside of the importing country, acting as the “Importer of Record” being responsible for the duty, taxes and any other disbursements. Symmetry’s NRI program enables you to sell your goods on a delivered basis, inclusive of all charges. Your customers are able to compare your price at origin, with the price of similar goods, not having to estimate the various import costs.

Vessel Support Services
Symmetry as a customs clearing agent offers our clients vessel and ship clearance services and covers almost the whole range of customs services, including ship and vessel application, creation of customs export declarations and other services.