Lloyd Bart
Chief Executive Officer

A recognized expert and Licensed Customs Broker with 17+ years of industry experience specializing in document control and regulations. Operations Manager skilled in delivering insightful guidance and strengthening relationships with business partners peers and senior leadership. Quality control expertise in purchasing logistics and operations management.

Skill Highlights
•Corporate regulatory documentation
•Vendor global track and trace services
•Services delivery
•Cost reduction
•Operations Management
•Revenue gain
•Database management
•Experience in Guyana’s Oil and Gas Sector –vessel/cargo and importations

Morris Bart
Senior Consultant

An independent Licensed Custom Broker since 1986. MrMorris Bart has extensive knowledge of the Guyana Revenue Authority ‘s operating policies and procedures. He has worked primarily with:
•Ministerial Agencies
•Government Ministries
•Hotel Industry
•MeditronScientific Sales
•H.A. Snacks

Skill Highlights
•Customs Personnel Management
•Training and Development of staff
•Classification and valuation expertise
•International Trade Agreements expertise
•Customs analytics and Compliance expertise

Omar Bart
Operations Manager

An independent custom broker for the past 10 years –providing services brokerage services to:
•Grace Kennedy Remittance Services
•Guyana Energy Agency
•Ministry of Presidency
•Central Islamic Organization of Guyana
•PG Trading
•Ministry of Tourism

Skill Highlights
•Identified and gathered required commercial data, documents, and rulings.
•Determined and verified harmonized tariff classifications and valuation using reasonable care.
•Organized and prepared data, documents, and rulings for timely entry.
•Managed accurate and timely ACH statement, duty payments.
•Submitted annual permit user fees and status reports.
•Served as the primary customs resource for importations such as:
Labs, marking concentrates, pharmaceuticals, petrol and